Why Upskilling & Reskilling Are The Future of the Workforce

Future of the Workforce: Upskilling and Reskilling Employees

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A lot of things changed about the workforce in 2020. Many businesses transitioned into virtual workspaces and have placed more focus on employee health and wellness. This year, there will be even more emphasis put on your employees in the form of education. Here are a few reasons why upskilling and reskilling your employees will be essential in 2021.



1.  Maintaining the Necessary Skills 

First and foremost, upskilling can help your current team maintain the quality of skill level that your business needs to thrive. This skill maintenance may mean learning new programs or just brushing up on what is necessary for success. For many businesses, this changed in 2020. Some of your employees may have needed additional technological training or relearning how to do things from remote space. 


Reskilling can also be beneficial for long-standing employees with valuable experience. You can give them what they need to maintain the industry's necessary skills as it stands today. For example, some manufacturing companies had to shift their focus to making personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic. These companies reskilled their current team to supply what was needed instead of hiring a new team altogether.


2. Retain Employees  

Upskilling and reskilling your workforce will also help you retain your employees. It shows your staff you are willing and interested in investing your time and money into their career. More importantly, you are willing to invest in them as an employee of your company. When your team feels valued, they are less likely to leave or begin looking for work elsewhere. This can be especially crucial during a pandemic as the screening and hiring process is drastically different for many industries.

3. Reduce Cost

Higher employee retention, as mentioned above, will help lead to overall reduced costs for the company. These reduced costs are because you won't have breaks in production when employees leave and replacements are hired. Not to mention, you will not be spending money on recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring a new team member. Additionally, employee morale is higher when there is less turnover. Overall, your business only stands to earn more.

4. Digital Services Are Expanding

Last year, more companies had to invest time and money into training their team to use digital and remote services. This training should be a continued focus in 2021. Prior to the pandemic, many companies were having trouble getting employees to use new software systems and communication platforms. Now, these items are essential, and everyone needs to know how they are used.

5.  Ensure Your Workforce for the Future

Upskilling and reskilling your staff is also sort-of insurance for the future. By helping them maintain, grow, and expand their skill set, you are, in turn, giving your business the ability to continue growing. 


Joynus Can Help with Your Staffing Needs

Sometimes the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce needs some additional support from professionals. The addition of contract employees and part-time help to compliment your current team can help you hone in on the skills you want to focus on. The team at Joynus can assist your business in all of your staffing needs, from small to large.