When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Job Descriptions?

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Job descriptions are typically the place to make a first impression with potential candidates. They are also key to getting access to qualified applicants for the role. You set expectations within the description and provide information about your company culture. Because of this, job descriptions are something that should be reviewed and revised on a consistent basis. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Recruitment and Hiring

As a hiring manager, one of the first things you do when you need to fill a role within the company is take a look at the most recent job description. This gives them an idea of what the minimum requirements are and what the function of the position is. Because the goals and objectives of specific roles in the organization change with the company’s overall strategic planning, it is important to update job descriptions to align them with the company’s direction.

On top of that, employers typically update the career page on their website with job descriptions when a position opens up. Job seekers will use this job description to get an idea of what you are looking for. If the description isn’t up to date, it can waste a lot of time for the candidate and employer.

2. Orientation

On their first day, your employees should receive a copy of their job description. Having a copy of the description will reinforce what their responsibilities and objectives are. Again, this description should be updated and include any pertinent information they need to be successful. They will also be extremely discouraged if the job description they receive on the first day differs greatly from the one they applied to online. So, be sure you are consistent with the description you are providing.

3. Address Employee Complaints

Oftentimes, employees will approach human resources with a complaint about an aspect of their job. Typically, the description will run through a list of responsibilities and requirements, which usually come into question when a complaint is filed. This is usually because the employee feels they are being asked to do something outside of their job description.

4. Compensation Issues

Similarly, having updated job descriptions can help you properly compensate your staff. When your employees feel they are performing duties outside their purview and not being paid, it can lead to them feeling dissatisfied and disgruntled. They should be paid for their performance. So, updating the job description on a regular basis to include new or added duties is crucial to identifying what a fair wage will be.

Having an updated description on hand will also help you during employee evaluations. An updated job description will provide a good guide to review their performance as it relates to specific tasks and responsibilities.

Update Your Job Descriptions With The Help From Joynus

In the end, maintaining updated job descriptions should be a priority in your business. They help you maintain expectations and productivity. Utilizing the help of a staffing agency can make updating your job descriptions a breeze. As your needs and organization change, the agency can alter your job descriptions to mirror that. Learn more about how the professionals at Joynus can assist your company.