What will Hiring in 2022 Look Like? 7 Changes on the Horizon


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Staying on top of hiring trends in your industry and in general is essential. You want to continue to have top talent on your staff. As an employer, you also want to be sure you are keeping up with other organizations in your industry. Here are several hiring trends you’ll likely see in 2022 and beyond.

1. In-Demand Skills are Changing

Because technology has become increasingly important in our mostly virtual world, the skills companies search for in the ideal candidate are changing. More tech skills are needed, and good communications skills are a must. Depending on what industry you are working in, the skills needed to run your business may have changed entirely in the last two years.

2. Diversity is a Must

Another thing that is changing is the need for diversity. While in previous years, diversity was something that was “nice to have,” it has become a must. Diversity has proven to help improve productivity and morale. It will also help you as an employer have a better view of the needs of all of your consumers, no matter what their demographics may be.

3. Employer Brand is Important

How you portray yourself as an employer is extremely important too. Diversity and inclusion play a role in your brand as an employer. When candidates see their demographic represented on your staff, they will see your company as inclusive. On top of diversity, you want to build employee appreciation and development into your brand. Candidates look for organizations with a positive environment and work culture. If you have a bad reputation, you will likely not get the best candidates on the market.

4. Remote Work is Here to Stay

Virtual hiring and remote work aren’t going anywhere any time soon. If you are doing any type of hiring in 2022, be ready to do the majority of recruiting and interviewing remotely. You should also be prepared to offer remote work options, if possible. This will help you attract more candidates.

5. Hiring On-Demand

Companies will be doing more on-demand hiring to address specific needs. For example, if your company is about to start a large project and you find your team is lacking some of the skills needed to complete it, you might look to hire someone “on demand.” Companies are opting for this to reduce the risk of bad hires and control hiring costs.

6. Upskilling and Reskilling

Internal hiring is something that will be increasingly popular as well. Many employers are upskilling and reskilling their current staff to avoid bringing on new employees altogether. This can help you save money on recruiting. It will also improve morale because your employees will know there is room for growth within their position and within the company.

7. Talent Networks are Becoming Popular

Working with staffing firms and talent networks is becoming increasingly popular. Recruiters can help you find someone that suits all of your needs for the role you are looking to fill, saving you time and effort. You will be able to focus on important business matters while they fill positions within your company. This is due to many of the trends discussed above. Employers need more on-demand hiring, and they need to address different needs than before.

Prepare for Hiring in 2022

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