3 Cost-Effective Ways to Show Thanks to Your Staff This Season

how to show thanks to your staff

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The holiday season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a good time to show your appreciation for your employees. Below are a few cost-effective ways to show thanks to your staff this season. 


  1. Say “Thank You” 


When it comes down to it, the most cost-effective way to show thanks to your staff is by saying it. There are several different ways to “say” thanks to your employees. You might want to consider one of the following thank yous for your staff this season. 

  • A hand-written note goes a long way. If it is possible, write your staff hand-written cards thanking them for the work they’ve done this year. 
  • E-cards can do the trick too. Hand-written notes are nice but they can take up a bit of time. Sending out an eblast giving thanks to your team is still an effective way to show appreciation to your team. It’s the thought that counts, right? 
  • Say it in person if possible. Hold a staff meeting and express your gratitude. A lot of workplaces have gone virtual these days, so you may do this over a Zoom staff call. You may even consider doing a quick video email to let your employees know how much you appreciate their work. 


  1. Throw an Office Get Together 

One of the more popular ways to show employee appreciation is by throwing an office holiday party. You can plan a potluck or paid-for luncheon for your team to celebrate all they’ve done for the company. If you aren’t able to throw a larger event, here are several smaller ways you can show thanks. 

  • Have a bagel breakfast. Pay for breakfast for your employees one morning and let them know you appreciate them. 
  • Schedule an ice cream truck. You can call and schedule an ice cream truck to visit your place of business for your employees to enjoy a nice treat. It offers up a nice break from the workday and shows your appreciation too. 
  • Make your Employee Appreciation Day a casual office day. This can help your team feel a little more laid-back in the office. 

If your workplace is remote, consider hosting a virtual holiday gift swap. Some companies have also hosted virtual company parties and team-building get-togethers. These types of events can help show thanks to your staff. 


  1. Offer Flexibility 

Another way your business can be sure its employees feel appreciated this season is by offering more flexibility in their schedule. Give your team some extra time around lunch or early days around the holiday season to say thanks. It can help boost morale and productivity when people are less focused on work as well. 

Beyond that, offer flexible hours if you can. The holiday season is often when people spend time with family and away from their desks. Have a plan for your staffing needs during the season and be able to offer your team the time off when they ask for it. 

Expand Your Staffing Resources

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