3 Ways That AI Makes Recruiting More Human

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Recruiting has always been a time-intensive process. With increased pressure to fill key roles, HR departments have often descended into a mechanistic approach toward recruiting. In a lot of ways, that’s made the process less human and less humane. Ironically, it’s the advent of machines with incredible processing power and sophisticated artificial intelligence that may allow recruiting to reclaim some of its humanity.


1. Bias reduction

Bias of one kind or another is built into the human experience. To make matters worse, it’s often unconscious and expresses itself in subtle ways. AI applications can go a long way to reduce bias in the recruiting process. AI can help you discover and replace biased language. It can help eliminate bias based on someone’s background by programming for essential skills. This helps the best candidates rise to the top regardless of their background.


2. Faster response time

One of the cruelest aspects of the recruiting process – from the candidate perspective – is the long wait between submitting a resume and getting a response. That’s assuming they get a response at all. While candidates who will advance may still end up waiting, AI lets you winnow out bad candidates very quickly. You can even automate an email for rejected candidates, so they know to keep looking. It helps manage expectations and leaves rejected candidates less bitter.


3. Frees up time

Neither managers nor HR pros particularly relish the idea of slogging through a mountain of cover letters and resumes. Their time is also not well spent fielding mundane questions about the application process that an FAQ programmed chatbot can answer. By handing off these kinds of repetitive tasks to AI, it gives managers and HR pros more time to handle recruitment processes and in-person interviews. With luck, it also means these things will happen under less demanding circumstances, which should make the processes less grueling for everyone involved.

The vast power of computers and AI has given the recruiters a chance to inject a little humanity back into the process. Instead of spending every last minute reviewing resumes and fielding basic questions, recruiters can spend their time actually interacting with people. As a bonus, AI can also enable the process to be more human by reducing wait times and automating rejection messages.


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