Contingent Staffing: Is It Right For Your Business?

contingent staffing in business

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More businesses are looking to contingent staffing resources to help them fill the gaps in their current team. Beyond that, this hiring strategy can save the company money and improve retention rates overall. However, it isn’t right for every business. Here are some things to consider before adopting a contingent staffing plan. 


What is Contingent Staffing? 

Contingent staffing is another form of flexible staffing. It can help you manage costs and improve flexibility for your full-time team. For instance, if someone on your full-time team needs time off, having temporary or contract workers on board can help you fill in the gaps without disrupting workflow. 

Additionally, contingent staffing can help you manage costs. If you need an employee on your team for a single project or peak season, having a contingent staffing strategy would allow you to bring on talent for that period of time. You won’t spend money on benefits or unemployment. 


Is Contingent Staffing Right for Your Business? 

There are plenty of benefits to adopting a contingent staffing strategy. Here are three key ways your company may profit from a contingent staffing strategy. 

  • You can give the employee a “trial run.” By hiring a contract or temp staff member, you can see how they interact with others in the workplace, examine how they fit into the company culture, and witness their work habits. This can help you find the right person for the position without losing money on benefits and unemployment. 
  • Meet higher demand. If your business is currently trying to meet a higher demand than usual, but you aren’t sure how long it will last, a contingent staffing strategy can solve your problems. Having temp or contract workers to call upon during the busier seasons can help you meet demand while keeping costs low throughout the year when demand is lower. 
  • See if additional staffing resources solves the problem. If you find project deadlines aren’t being met and company goals are falling through the cracks, contingent staffing can help. You will discover whether you need additional manpower on the team full-time or simply different talents for the project in question. 

Deciding whether or not contingent staffing is right for your business or not depends on your current need. Recruitment agencies can often help consult company leaders on what additional resources your team could use. 


Work With a Staffing Agency 

Working with a staffing agency can help you find the right plan for recruiting new hires to suit your company’s needs. In some cases, temporary or contract workers may be the best fit for peak seasons. They can help you meet demand without raising staffing costs year-round.  

You can also search for temp-to-hire employees to gauge whether they are a good fit for your company culture and increase retention rates. A staffing agency can help pull resumes and arrange interviews with employees who meet your requirements and fit into the company well. They can also help identify gaps in your staff and potential recruiting needs. 


Find Out How a Contingent Staffing Strategy Can Help Your Business

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