To Build Great Teams, Get Onboarding Right

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Bringing on a new hire is a significant investment for a company. Ensuring you are providing them with everything they need to be successful in their position is essential. Onboarding and creating an environment for them to thrive can be a challenge, though. Here is how to ensure new hire success within the first three months.  

1. Create an Onboarding Process for Success 

When your new hire comes on board with your company, it is important to have a checklist of things to go through. You need to get them set up in the company systems, introduce them to key players, and provide them with the tools they need to get their job done on a day-to-day basis.  

First, give them a tour of the facilities. If you are remote, this may simply be giving them a look at the different programs you use to interact with other team members and introducing them to others through those platforms. Once you have done that, give them an overview of the processes and procedures that are important to the job they will be doing.  

2. Provide Strong Initial Training 

Beyond creating a positive onboarding experience, it is also important to provide training for your new employee. Have a checklist of things that each new hire needs to be brought up to speed on. You may consider pairing them up with a more senior member of the staff to shadow. This can help them feel more welcome by getting to know someone on the team. It will also give them a good example of how things should be done.  

Give Them a Task Right Away  

Another thing many employers fail to do is give their new hires a task right away. This is often because the employer does not want to overwhelm them. However, giving them something to work on right away will make them feel like you trust them. On top of that, it will provide them with an idea of what is expected of them moving forward. As mentioned above, it is important to give them the tools they need to get the job done. You should also introduce them to other individuals on the staff that may be able to lend a helping hand should they have any questions.  

3. Perform Regular Check-ins 

After their first day on the job, it is important to schedule regular check-ins during their first 90 days. You should have a meeting at the end of their first week and then schedule one for one month into their employment. After that, you can gauge the need to meet more frequently or not. The key here is to make sure their needs are being met and any questions they may have are answered. At the 90-day mark, schedule a check-in to go over how they have progressed and how they fit in within the company.  

Set Your New Hires Up for Success 

If you are looking for a way to improve your new hire success rate, employing the help of a staffing agency can help. Many recruitment firms can also help with onboarding and training materials as well as sourcing and vetting new hires. See how the staffing professionals at Joynus can help your organization.