Three of the Most Significant JavaScript Shifts Expected in 2021

Most Significant JavaScript Shifts Expected in 2021

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There are many upcoming changes to the tech world that will impact how businesses do work online. One of them is JavaScript. Many companies are widely using JavaScript for their business websites because they are more user-friendly and interactive than non-Java sites. Here are some of the anticipated JavaScript changes in 2021. 


New Development Techniques Emerging 

First and foremost, it is essential to be ready to learn new techniques in the coming years. Tech is changing in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to how businesses are interacting with their customers. Not only do companies need user-friendly websites, but app developers and interactive web designers are required to reach today’s consumer base. 

Because of that, business leaders and employees alike need to be willing to learn. Seek out team members that are interested in expanding their education and furthering their career. Similarly, find ways to educate yourself on the changes in the industry. Below are three of the most significant shifts you’ll see in 2021.  


  1. App-Based Programming  

Now more than ever, people are shifting away from direct JavaScript and using apps to help manage their websites. Additionally, more applications are now available to help integrate apps and other services. Here are some of the latest programs being used today. 

React: React is a JavaScript library used to build interfaces. Unlike other similar services, React is easier to use and lightweight. While you can build the same thing using pure JavaScript, React is less time-consuming. It also makes it easier to start building your business’ app on iOS or Android.  

Node.js: This program is used to create data-intensive real-time apps. It can be stacked with JavaScript to build backend services.  

Git: Companies are always making changes to their apps and websites. Git allows you to save previous versions of your app while you are adjusting the backend. If you have ever made a mistake coding, you know how valuable this can be. You can go back and revert the changes you made.  

As more companies embrace app-focused programming like those listed above, employees and employers need to be up to date on the latest app building information, including how the apps integrate with JavaScript. Without learning this information, you will not be able to stay competitive.  


  1. Google Analytics Maintains and Gains Importance  

Another thing to keep in mind is Google Analytics is more essential than ever before. Many companies are dedicating entire departments to Google Analytics to learn more about their customer base and optimize lead generation.  

Because just about everyone uses Google, learning the apps and tools necessary to integrate your site with it is important. There are apps like Firebase that can help you stack your site with services like app-building, testing and maintenance, and business services.  


  1. React Continues to Grow as a Framework 

Remaining up to date on the latest JavaScript trends is key to continued success. While Vue and Angular continue to have a place, it’s wise for companies to focus on hiring programmers adept in React, which is gaining ground on jQuery. 

When it comes to interacting with their website, ordering, or interacting with your business quickly is what matters to the consumer. React is well-respected as a simple, stable framework that works well with SEO.  


Find Top Programming Talent 

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