The Workplace is Different: What to Expect from Your Workers in 2021

Workplace Expectations in 2021

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  1. Employees Over Work Environment

One huge trend that is expected to continue into 2021 is companies putting their employees’ well-being over the office environment. Even though many people are eager to get back to a safe, healthy workplace, emphasizing their well-being is more important than anything. Address any fears or concerns your staff may have about returning to the workplace or continuing current work operations.

  1. Digital Resources for Digital Workspaces

If you have transitioned into a digital workspace, consider what tools your team needs to be successful. You should also take note of what programs and tools your team may need to learn to succeed as well. Your team will be happy to learn new skills that may better serve them in this new digital world. 

Additionally, there will be a larger call for technology that will help bridge the gap between the physical office and remote workers. Discovering what technology works best in your industry and for your team will make your digital workspace more sustainable.

  1. Safer Shared Workplace

Although many businesses have moved to remote workspaces, offices will still play a large part in many companies. Have an office or a central area where your team will eventually be able to meet. After all, after months of isolation, people will be excited to interact with one another. 

Expect employees to place a higher priority on hygiene and safety in the workplace than ever before. You may need to redesign your office space to encourage social distancing and decrease the risk of COVID spread in the workplace. However, this will make your employees more willing and more confident in returning. 


  1. Higher Productivity

Overall, you may find your team is more productive as the year goes on. If you continue to work remotely, you may find your team has better focus at their remote office. For those moving back into the office, you may find the additional attention your staff is receiving regarding their well-being will help increase their productivity as well.

  1. More Desire for Flexibility 

Employers are likely to see the biggest trend in 2021 is workers looking for more flexibility in their schedules. Now more than ever, employees are looking for positions with good benefits and the ability to achieve work-life balance. The desire for flexible schedules, time off, and remote work capabilities will increase. Consider how you might make concessions for your team. 

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