The Secret for Successfully Onboarding Manufacturing Employees

How to safely onboard manufacturing employees

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Having a reliable onboarding process can make-or-break your team. The onboarding process is not always a smooth one, however. These tips can help you successfully welcome new hires into your manufacturing positions.

1.  Keep Your New Hire’s Schedule Structured 

One important thing to keep in mind is your new employees need structure. It is not a good idea to just put a new hire on the job and let them “learn along the way.” Of course, on-the-job training is necessary for some manufacturing jobs, but they should have guidance from fellow workers and managers.

2. Communicate to Your New Hires 

Good communication is critical when welcoming anyone new to your team. Be sure to communicate effectively and emphasize important things in more than one way. For instance, if there are safety protocols vital to your factory, you will want to explain and communicate visually or via text verbally. This may be in the form of video, pamphlets, text instructions, and verbal protocol.

3. Make a Good First Impression

When your employee comes in for their first day, have a plan, and be organized. Have a welcome email template, resources ready to go, and all the information they will need. You want to make a good first impression. The first impression will be the first glimpse into how you work day-to-day and what the company’s organization will be like. Therefore, it is essential to put your best foot forward so that you can gain their confidence and respect.

4. Get Other People Involved in Onboarding

Owners and management should not be the only people involved in onboarding. Find ways to get the rest of your company involved. For example, if your new hire works closely with other employees in a department, incorporate them into part of the first week. Assign them each different jobs and tasks to further train and welcome the new hire. It may seem like you are taking workers away from their day-to-day job, but it will help create a better understanding of your new hire. It also contributes to a better overall workplace environment when team members assist in training one another.

5. Set Expectations 

Be sure that you set expectations with new employees prior to their first day and beyond. Make sure whatever the bottom line is, they are informed about what it is and how they can successfully help your company get there. Younger generations entering the job market want to know exactly where they fit into a business model and where they can grow. Having set expectations will help them understand that.

6. Encourage Feedback 

Last, but not least, encourage feedback from your new hires. Once they have completed the onboarding process, ask them about areas where you might be able to improve as well as things you did well. This feedback can help you determine what you can fine-tune when you are onboarding your next new employee. 


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