The Benefits Of A Temp To Hire Strategy

benefits of temp to hire strategy

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Around 1/5 of the workforce now operates as contract workers, yet many businesses ignore them in favor of direct hires. It’s a curious choice. Ignoring these workers cuts your business off from the many potential benefits of a temp-to-hire strategy for filling out your permanent staff. Let’s look at just a few of the advantages that a temp-to-hire strategy can offer your business.  


 1. Test Culture Fit

One of the significant failings of the direct-hire approach is that it often overlooks the intangible culture fit. Instead, you focus on on-paper skills and experience. While this matters, poor culture fit can make an entire department dysfunctional. In turn, this can lead the new hire or current employees to quit. A temp to hire approach lets you slow down a little and see how a potential new employee fits in with the existing culture. 

Takeaway: It’s much easier to offer someone who fits in well a full-time position than it is to fire a bad fit. 


2. Avoid Traditional Hiring Pitfalls

Traditional hiring practices still happen partially because it’s a known quantity and somewhat because it gives the appearance of results. You post a position on job boards and get inundated with resumes or applications. Surely, you think, at least some of these people will be a good fit. Quantity is no guarantee of quality. You’ll discard the majority of those resumes. Then, you’ll pick someone from whoever survives that cull, often regardless of whether they’re a high-performing candidate. A temp-to-hire strategy lets you see candidate performance in advance of offering a permanent position.

Takeaway: Temp-to-hire approaches lets you bypass the problems of quantity over quality. 


3. Save Money

Hiring someone as a full-time employee costs a bundle. You foot the bill for the entire recruitment process. That’s before you even consider the lost productivity from managers saddled with interviews. There are benefits to consider. Plus, you can end up doing it all over again if you wind up with a bad hire. Securing a temp-to-hire worker lets you avoid most of these up-front costs in favor of a fee paid to a staffing agency. 

Takeaway: In a temp-to-hire strategy, the staffing agency providing the workers assumes most of the financial burden. 


The familiarity and appearance of results often drive businesses to adopt a direct-hire approach. A temp-to-hire strategy lets your company avoid the worst pitfalls of direct hiring. You get to see if someone has a good culture fit. You bypass the problems of sorting through endless resumes and picking from whoever is left. It even lets you save money by transferring most of the financial risks onto a staffing agency. In other words, it’s boon for any company looking to fill a key position in the organization. 


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