Technology Trends to Watch Out for This Year

Technology Trends This Year

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The relentless march of technology continually threatens to leave unobservant or slow-acting businesses in the lurch. You only need to look at how online booking all but obliterated the travel agency industry to see that in action. That’s why we’re giving you a sneak peek at some tech trends to watch out for in the coming year.


1. 5G

To be clear 5G means fifth-generation wireless and shouldn’t be confused with a specific amount of data. With that disclaimer out of the way, 5G will likely represent a huge evolutionary step for most industries with much faster and bigger wireless data transfers. In fact, it’s already begun with some ambulances in Spain being equipped with 5G equipment. That means faster diagnosis while en route.

Takeaway: There’s no guessing precisely how 5G will affect specific industries, but you should be watching the 5G space carefully for new options you can use.


2. Blockchain

Blockchain gets a lot of airtime in connection with cryptocurrencies. Yet, cryptocurrency is one of the least interesting applications of blockchain. Where blockchain thrives is in record-keeping. Blockchain uses distributed ledgers across a network and digital signatures on each block or transaction. That makes it vastly more secure than other record-keeping options since it’s profoundly difficult for a single bad actor to change the records. It also helps ensure the integrity of documents that often come under dispute, such as contracts. Instead of arguing about who signed what version of the contract when you can just point to the blockchain record.

Takeaway: Keep an eye out for blockchain-based record-keeping applications to make a splash.  


3. Automation 

The advent of cloud computing and its vast computational powers has made automation a buzzword in recent years. For the moment, it still mostly applies to low-level, repetitious activities that leave human workers dull-eyed and semi-catatonic. Those days are coming to an end, though. As artificial intelligence improves, increasingly complex activities will fall into the domain of automation. The industries most likely to be affected include retail and associated businesses, such as warehouses, manufacturing, and food service.

Takeaway: The automation change won’t happen overnight, but it’s something for which businesses should prepare.


The sometimes-staggering evolution of tech can make it difficult for businesses to keep pace. This is especially true in the case of things like cloud computing, which can facilitate so many other game-changing technologies. It also means businesses that normally go like on the tech staff will have to change their ways. You’ll likely need a team of highly-qualified IT personnel to keep all the gears turning in newly tech-driven industries. 


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