Look for These Soft Skills in Your Product Control Team Members

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Every job requires a certain amount of hard and soft skills to be able to properly complete tasks. For a product control team, experience and knowledge play a huge role. However, there are a number of other soft skills you should look for as well. These soft skills are essential for a product control team.

Clear Communication

No matter what position you are looking to fill, having clear communication skills is a must. When you have employees that can effectively communicate with one another, leadership, and customers, you will have fewer production issues. Product control team members often have to communicate with other individuals about problems and solutions. So, being sure the candidates you hire have this important soft skill is critical.


Listening and communication often go hand in hand. Your team members need to be able to listen to one another and understand how to take the information they are receiving to create solutions. This also means that they will make eye contact, take the time to fully hear what others are saying, and then respond with meaningful questions.

Stress Control

Stress control is often overlooked as a soft skill for employees. It can be extremely important when it comes to product control though. Sometimes the job can be demanding. Knowing how to remain patient and focused in times of stress will prove to be beneficial for productivity and teamwork.

Positive Attitude

You want your employees to have a positive attitude on the job. This is doubly important for product control employees that are working with others on a regular basis. They will be encouraging to others on the team, set a good example, and be adaptable to change. So, if the product control processes change, they will be able to roll with the changes and encourage everyone to stay motivated.

Conflict Resolution

Problem-solving is always a good soft skill to look for in product control team members. When you deal with customers and products, being able to identify an issue and potential solution is important. This means that they will have a certain level of emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, and accountability. Other members of the team and customers will appreciate their willingness to help in whatever way possible.

Fast Learning

Product control team members also need to be able to learn things quickly. If there is a change in the way things need to be done or a new product coming through the control line, they need to be able to learn what is expected quickly. Of course, some training will be needed, but the ability to pick things up fast is always a good skill to have.

Attention to Detail

Last, but not least, product control team members must have a strong attention to detail. After all, they are reviewing products that come off the line to ensure everything works properly and maintains consistency. In the long run, their work will help build your brand and reputation for quality.      

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