Keep Your Workforce Productive During the Holiday Season Using These 4 Strategies

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Maintaining productivity in the workplace is difficult during the holiday season. Just about every business is faced with lower productivity during this time of the year. Many employees are struggling to focus on the job because of the long to-do list at home. However, there are a few strategies you can use to keep your workforce productive during the holiday season.

1. Be More Flexible

Offering more additional flexibility for your employees during the holiday season can help them maintain productivity on the job. They will be able to achieve a better work-life balance because they will be afforded the flexibility they need from you as an employer. So, instead of being distracted by holiday shopping and other personal matters, they can maintain focus and productivity in the workplace.

2. Hold Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will help you keep a pulse on key projects. You can check in with your team, get updates, and see how everyone is doing. This will give you a moment to gauge how each employee is coping with the holidays as well. You can get a feel for who might be losing focus or who might need additional support with their work at this time. Before you can make these adjustments you’ll need to communicate and meet with your team though.

3. Help a Nonprofit

Encourage collaboration and teamwork by helping out a nonprofit together. Take a Friday off and spend it at the local soup kitchen or local animal shelter with your staff. You can also do things like sponsor a local family to give gifts to. This will allow your employees to contribute something to the gift pool.

Another good idea for the holiday season is to pick a nonprofit to donate to and start an office pool to raise funds. You can even introduce some light-hearted competition by setting a funding goal. This will help engage your staff in something together and increase productivity. It will also make them feel good to contribute to something larger and be a part of an organization that assists nonprofits.

Allow Room for Holiday Talk

When it comes down to it, you need to allow room for some holiday talk. Acknowledge the holidays and carve out a little bit of time for your employees to socialize. For example, schedule your meeting about 15 minutes early to allow for some holiday banter and small talk beforehand. Getting those discussions out of the way will clear their mind and allow them to better focus on the job at hand.

You might also consider holding a holiday party. It gives your staff something to look forward to in the workplace, which can be a great motivator during the holidays. This will help them maintain productivity and increase happiness on the job.

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