Integrity Assessment in Healthcare Placement in Essential: Here's Why

Integrity assessment

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When it comes to hiring healthcare professionals, integrity is an important piece of the “ideal candidate” puzzle. You want to be sure the person you are hiring has the skills necessary and has pride in what they do. Here’s why you should consider integrity assessments for healthcare workers.

1. Why Accountability and Integrity Matter

Accountability and integrity are two key characteristics you want to look for in your healthcare staff. Integrity is a person’s ability to adhere to a moral compass when making decisions or performing day-to-day tasks. Obviously, where someone’s health is concerned, nurses and other medical staff need to act with integrity.

Integrity assessments can also help you gauge how accountable a candidate is. In the healthcare field, workers need to be held accountable for their actions. They need to be reliable and trustworthy. Candidates should also be able and ready to answer to their patients.

These two things are fundamental to the way the healthcare industry runs. They help ensure trust between healthcare professionals and the public. So, assessing for these traits when you are hiring is essential.

2. Behaviors

The biggest thing integrity assessments will help you uncover are behaviors. You have probably already identified characteristics you do and do not want in a candidate. An assessment will help you filter out the applicants you don’t want to work with by providing information about their work behaviors.

3. Trust

As mentioned above, trust is a huge factor when it comes to how patients interact with your practice. When you assess someone’s integrity, it will help you build trust between you and your employee. It will also help establish trust between your workers and your patients. You will have a black-and-white idea of how they will act in the workplace and treat others.

4. Compliance

Integrity assessments can also help you maintain compliance. The assessment will let you know how the candidate might handle certain situations. Your practice likely has policies and procedures in place to ensure you are seen as a professional organization. For example, would they return to check on patients if it is an especially busy day, or would they just leave them wondering when they’ll be seen? If their reaction isn’t in compliance with what you want from your employees, you may need to consider other candidates.

5. Better Relationships

Not only will you have more trust in your working relationships, but you will build better relationships altogether. Hiring someone based on their skills and integrity will help develop therapeutic, healthy relationships with your patients and staff. Your patients will trust their health and private information with your staff. Staff members will trust you to provide them with benefits and address their needs. At the end of the day, your practice will have better connections in the community as a whole.

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