In-Demand Tech Skills You Should Be Looking for in IT Candidates for 2022

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Technology is constantly changing. If you are in the IT field or need to hire IT specialists, you need to know the in-demand skills for tech employees. Below is a list of tech skills that IT employers should be prioritizing for 2022.

1. Communication

First and foremost, it is important to screen your tech employees for communication skills. This individual will likely have to speak to the rest of your team about complicated tech problems. They will need to be able to empathize with the problem and troubleshoot things. When they help other staff members, they should communicate effectively and in a personable manner.

2. Applications

Applications are vital for running your business these days. No matter what your business does, there is an app that helps it run or assists you in reaching your customer base. Having someone on your team that knows how apps are built, what makes them run, and how to work with them can be a game-changer. When you are talking with a candidate, ask them what experience they have working with applications and get a specific example of app work they've done.

3. Coding

Of course, some coding skills are always a plus too. Having an IT person on the staff who is well-versed in coding can help you with your business's websites and other critical parts. The internet is how many people will find your business or interact with you. So, having a good website with working code is important. Ask about a time they used their coding skills on the job and their results once the coding project was complete.

4. Debugging

Debugging is another in-demand skill you should look for in IT candidates. You want them to be able to identify technical problems and debug them fast. To screen for this, you can ask the candidate about the experience they have with debugging systems. You can also ask questions about their problem-solving skills.

5. Customer Support

In addition to exceptional communication skills, an ideal IT candidate will also have experience with customer support. Not only will they be in charge of assisting your team with their tech needs, but they may also need to help your clients. Try to get a feel for what kind of customer service experience they might have. If they don't have much, ask some questions to get an idea of their interpersonal skills. 

6. Cloud Computing

Just about everything is stored on the cloud these days, so it is a good idea to have someone on your staff who knows its inner workings. While cloud technology is relatively new, it is an important part of the way many businesses run now. Almost every piece of information goes through the cloud at some point. Be sure to talk about the candidate's cloud experience during your interview as well.

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