Hiring CNC Programmers? Look For These Qualities

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CNC programmers and machinists need to have a certain amount of experience to do the job properly. Of course, you may have an idea of how much experience you’d like your applicants to have and even what skills set they should obtain before applying. Beyond that, you need candidates with certain qualities to fit your needs. Here are the top qualities you should be looking for when hiring CNC programmers.

1. Problem Solvers 

Good CNC programmers are also good problem solvers. This is often a good quality for any of your employees to have, but it comes especially in handy for CNC programmers. On the job, they may have to gather and produce engineering parts made from available materials. 

2. Up-to-Date Knowledge 

Your CNC programming candidates should also be able to display up-to-date knowledge on the latest machines being used in the industry. Inquire about their experience and ask about any certifications they may have. Their knowledge should include information about laser cutting, stamping, machine-building and maintenance, metal forming, and other technical skills used during the production process. Test their knowledge by having a working interview or inquire about their experience with detail-focused questions during their interview. 

3. Efficient 

One of the main reasons people manufacture things using CNC machines is that it saves time. So, when your programmer is working, they need to be efficient in everything they do. After all, the machines are being used to help reduce manpower and overall cost while increasing the quality of the product being put out. 

On top of that, they need to be able to interpret 2D blueprints and plans efficiently as well. They need to be able to understand the plan and utilize all the available equipment to complete the project economically. 

4. Ability to Create Schedules 

A good CNC programmer will also know how to formulate procedures and set priorities for the productions schedule. In their mind, they will already have a 3D model of the end product and how the process will run. They will then be able to set a production schedule. 

5. Detail-Oriented 

Your CNC programmer candidates should pay attention to detail. Distinctions for certain production jobs will need to be within the nearest hundredth of a millimeter, so they need to have a keen eye for every tiny detail. They will also need to pay attention to any errors in current equipment or components. When problems are found, they should identify them quickly and fix them, so everything moves along properly.  

6. High Level of Craftsmanship

Last but not least, every good machinist will also have a high level of craftsmanship. In some ways, this is the most important quality your CNC programming candidates should have. Good craftsmanship will mean that they will be able to find safe and effective ways to improve the productivity of your company or production line.

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