Diversity in The Workplace: 3 Best Practices for Transforming Your Company Culture

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Company culture has a significant role in the success of any organization. It impacts the way your employees interact with each other and customers. More than that, it affects how your staff works together. Below are three best practices for transforming your company culture to nourish a more diverse workforce.

1. Assess Your Current Company Culture

Before you can make any moves to transform your company culture you need to assess where your current culture stands. Engage in conversation with your employees to get an idea of how they perceive the company and if there is anything they would change. If there are certain areas you would like to improve upon, they can be noted during your assessment.

Don’t forget to reassess the company culture on a regular basis. Even though you set everything up to create a positive culture for your team you will need to adjust as your company and staff change. Your employees may value certain aspects of their job over others, such as flexibility or the ability to work with a team. Ask for feedback on a regular basis and make changes as needed.

2. Create Behavior Promises

If you want to make diversity or something else a key part of your workplace culture you need to create behavior promises. Not only do you need to make diversity and inclusion part of your culture, but you also need to act on it. When you make a promise you are holding yourself accountable for taking action.

Make brand promises that contribute to your organization’s values and goals. For instance, if your goal is to be more diverse and inclusive, you should actively work to include the input of individuals from various backgrounds. You can create a promise to your staff and consumers that you strive to include a diverse group of people in decision-making for the company. Consider what promises you can make to help transform your culture and nourish a more diverse environment.

3. Update Your Human Resources Policies

Once you have decided what direction you want to take the company and its culture, update the organization’s human resources policies. Every piece of company literature should reflect your business’ goals and work culture. This also helps you ensure that everyone in the company buys into the culture, values, and goals of the organization.

You should also work to include your behavior promises into some of your HR activities as well. Work the promises into hiring and promotion practices. You should also use those promises to adjust the performance metrics you track so that you collect data that is important to your company’s goals. Hiring, promoting, rewarding, and recognizing employees based on your organization’s values is key to maintaining the culture you want. That all starts with setting HR policies that contribute to those goals.

Transform Your Company Culture

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