Communication is Essential When it Comes to Retention: Here's Why

How to keep workers retention high

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Communication is more important than ever. With many employees transitioning into remote workspaces or non-traditional spaces, employer communication keeps things running smoothly. It can also help provide peace-of-mind for your staff. This is why communication is vital when it comes to retention and how you can boost yours.

1.  Why Communication is Essential 

Having a clear and concise way of communicating with your staff will help improve your retention rates and so much more. An effective communicator and business owner can help improve productivity across the board. Additionally, being a good communicator will make your employees more comfortable asking for resources and giving feedback when necessary. 

Overall, more communication leads to improved employee morale. Higher morale tends to lead to improved retention rates. So, what are the best ways to improve or increase communication with your staff?

2. Make Success Known

When there is a success on your team or a "win," share it. Call out key team members who drove the successful project and be sure to acknowledge the success publicly. This kind of communication makes your employees feel appreciated and will help improve your retention rates.

3. Provide Peer-to-Peer Communication Platforms

Many companies have begun using programs like Slack to help their staff communicate with one another in a remote work setting. Find ways to provide a peer-to-peer communication platform, whether it is a group chat or a Facebook group. Discover what works best for your team and provide the platform for communication. Interpersonal relationships in the workplace can help improve productivity and morale. 


4. Offer Brainstorm Sessions 

Collaborative brainstorm sessions are a great way to learn what your team is thinking. For example, when you have a more extensive brainstorming session, you may find that people are brainstorming to fix problems you did not know existed. These small communication sessions can open your eyes to new opportunities and ways to improve your current process. When they feel they are heard during these sessions, employees will have improved morale overall.

5. Communicate Development Opportunities 

Employees are more likely to stay with companies and within positions that emphasize their professional growth. Find ways to stay up-to-date with development opportunities in the industry and communicate them with your team. Offering this information will show them you care about their career, not just what they can do for your company.

6. Build Opportunities to Give Feedback 

Finally, make sure there are ways for your employees to provide you with feedback comfortably. More importantly, make sure there are clear paths for you to follow up with it. Communicate back with your employees and let them know the steps you are taking to change things or resolve issues. Likewise, let them know when programs are doing well and when you will be implementing similar projects if given positive feedback. 


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