6 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

6 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

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The vast majority of people don’t want to spend their days feeling drained, yet that’s exactly what low morale does to employees. People learn to dread going to the job. Low employee morale can break a company if it goes on long enough because people will leave for greener pastures. So, how can you improve employee morale?


1. Solicit Feedback and Act on It

Employees who feel disconnected from company decision-making will soon feel disconnected from the company in general. One simple way you can improve morale is to solicit employee feedback. Once you get the input, pick out the most commented-on problem, and look for a solution.

Takeaway: Asking for feedback tells everyone at the company that you take their opinions seriously. 


2. Communicate the Company Vision

Anyone who feels like a replaceable cog in an impersonal machine will swiftly lose morale. People want to belong and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Incorporate your company vision into everything from policy decisions to speeches. This vision helps employees remember why they want to work hard for your company.


3. Show a Little Care

While some companies bring in a masseuse or offer high-end insurance, not every company can foot the bill for these things. That doesn’t mean you can’t show employees you care about their well-being. Institute a program called Sanity Day that provides employees an extra vacation day meant specifically for their health and well-being. 

Takeaway: Showing employees that you see them as human beings goes a long way toward improving morale.


4. Offer Professional Development Options

Many people want additional training or even need it for any real chance at promotion. Massive student loan debt can make employees very gun shy about putting more money into education. Opportunities for professional development in the form of seminars, certifications, or tuition reimbursement can help keep people excited about their job and boost their overall morale.


5. Offload Problem Employees

It’s very rare to have a company that doesn’t have at least a few problem employees that make the entire work experience a misery for their coworkers. These problem employees sap the morale of everyone who encounters them. Show them the door, and you’ll almost be able to see the morale improve.

Takeaway: Offloading problem employees is another way you can show everyone you care about their well-being. 


6. Provide a Path to Promotion  

Another common morale killer is employees feeling like their stuck at their current level with no hope of promotion. If there is room for advancement, make the path to promotion path clear. Let your employees know what skills, education, and experience they need to advance in the company. 


Low morale chews away at a company from the inside, reducing productivity and even causing turnover. The tips discussed above offer you some options for improving your employees’ morale. Even if you aren’t in a position to do all of them, doing some of them will help employees see you take their well-being seriously. 


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