6 Reasons to Consult with a Staffing Partner

why consult with a staffing partner

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Staffing has only gotten more complicated in recent years as tech-savvy candidates grow less interested in traditional positions. Toss in the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and things get even more complex. Businesses can find themselves floundering with recruitment in a world like that. Staffing agencies must excel at adapting to the complexities of modern recruitment. So, here are some reasons you might want to consult with a staffing partner.

1. Staffing Expertise

Some businesses find that they get as many bad fit hires as good fit hires. This almost always stems from an overlooked error in the hiring process. It might be as simple as a poorly worded job description or as a result of insufficient attention given to culture fit. A staffing partner can give you expert feedback on your hiring process. 


2. Industry Insight

While you might be an expert on your business with regards to marketing, vendors, and supply chains, recruitment is its own animal. You may struggle to find quality candidates because of industry hiring trends you don’t know about. A staffing consultant can provide you insight into those trends.


3. Better Candidates

A staffing partner that regularly works with your industry will already have access to a pool of candidates. The candidates will have already gone through a vetting process to make sure they’re up to par. That gives you access to better candidates right out of the gate. 


4. Expanded Reach

Highly qualified people looking for jobs routinely look for positions in the immediate local area or dream locations. That means that, even if you do post an open position to major job boards, you’ll only get certain types of applications or resumes. A staffing partner will often have access to high-quality candidates who may not otherwise see your listing because they wouldn’t search for a job there.  


5. Control Turnover Costs

Unless you hire a candidate from a staffing partner outright, you can often avoid the normal costs from voluntary turnover. In many cases, the candidate remains employed by the staffing agency. It routinely falls on the staffing agency to replace candidates who quit within a certain timeframe, sparing you the expense. 


6. Projects

New projects often turn into a staffing nightmare for a business. Who should get assigned to the project? Who do we need to hire? A staffing partner can often help you work out these kinds of details to ensure a much smoother project flow. 


7. Staffing Partners Make Life Easier

Some businesses excel at hiring, but a staffing partner makes life easier for businesses that struggle with finding good hires. Staffing partners can help correct errors in hiring procedures, provide access to candidates, and provide insight into industry hiring trends. A good staffing partner can even help you plan hiring and staffing for a new project, which can mean the difference between success and project failure.


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