5 Practical Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Ways to eliminate hiring bias

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Although every employer tries to avoid it, hiring bias is real. Typically, employers gravitate towards the same type of person, worker, and even ethnic group. Try these tips to help your company eliminate hiring bias.


  1. Limit Adjectives in Your Job Posting

Adjectives can limit the type of candidate you will get to apply for your position. The more adjectives a job listing has, the more likely it is to include some sort of gender bias. If you think about the words often associated with a job position, you may think “committed,” which has more feminine connotations. Getting rid of gendered language and limiting the adjectives you use will help you decrease hiring bias within your organization. 


  1. Consider “Name-Blind” Resumes 

Ask an administrative assistant in the hiring department to remove names from the resumes. Sometimes someone’s name can give a first impression, whether you realize it or not. Without their name present, you can truly focus on their skillset. You can set up your system to blank out the information you don’t wish to see, such as age, location, name, and race. This approach makes it less likely your decision will be skewed by bias.

  1. Interviews with Multiple Participants 

Your interview process should involve multiple participants. Because the pandemic is still at large, it is best to do this via video. Although seeing the applicant does give the interviewers an idea of the person’s appearance and other information that does not impact their professionalism, having multiple interviewers present reduces that bias. This is because each person placed in the interview is there for a check-and-balance. 

Consider which leaders you will want to be involved in the hiring process and how they might help eliminate bias as well. You should also think about what departments they represent and how they will be connected to the interviewed position. For instance, if someone reports to the person being interviewed, it probably isn’t a good idea to have them involved in the hiring process. 


  1. Use Artificial Intelligence

Many employers have begun to use AI to help eliminate hiring bias. You can use software that will sift through applications based on qualifications alone without including information on sex, gender, age, or race. AI gives the potential employer a chance to focus on the applicant’s qualifications alone.


  1. Have a Defined Process

Each employer should have a defined hiring process. Sticking to a laid-out process helps decrease hiring bias. Many employers or hiring managers tend to lean towards candidates that remind them of themselves. Be sure there are defined steps put in place to ensure that is not the sole reason a new employee is brought on board. 


Eliminate Hiring Bias with Help from Joynus

Another great way to eliminate hiring bias is by using a third-party. Staffing agencies can help you reduce and even eliminate hiring bias by reviewing resumes and applicants for you. Once a good fit is found, they are put in touch with the potential employer based on their skill and experience. Contact Joynus to see how our staffing professionals can assist you.